Heinrich Böll Stiftung
Interreg Baltic Sea Region

Citizen driven social innovation in challenged cities

Many cities today face unprecedented societal challenges. The needs are growing to tackle social inclusion and sustainable development, but the resources of the public sector are in decline or stagnating and new skills for citizen involvement are required as a response. Over the past two decades cultural planning has been developed as a proven method for citizen-driven urban social innovation.

The project UrbCulturalPlanning adapts worldwide knowledge on cultural planning into the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) and will be sharing it, working with both UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and UNESCO’s supported work on the method of Cultural Planning. 

Baltic UrbCulturalPlanning Conference 2019

04 - 06 July 2019, Kiel (DE)

The first Baltic UrbCulturalPlanning Conference is happening in Kiel: a gathering of urbanists and city planners, artists, researchers and academics, students, community organizers, politicians and activists, to explore key aspects of taking a cultures and arts perspective in urban strategies and practice.

The aim of the three-day conference with workshops, speeches, panel discussions and urban city walks is to experience, sense and feel how urban transformation can be triggered by artistic and cultural actions.

Cultural Planning in Kiel

Kiel is the German partner city within the UrbCulturalPlanning project. Two organizations, the Böll foundation of Schleswig-Holstein as well as the project company Kiel-Gaarden GmbH, joined the project in order to introduce and foster Cultural Planning as a method for citizen-driven urban social innovation in the city.

The Böll foundation of Schleswig-Holstein is an agency for cross-party and independent political education. Its aim is to foster democracy and participation among citizens. Within the project, the Böll foundation organizes the first conference on "Urban Transformation through Art and Culture” in order to increase institutional knowledge, connections and communication on Cultural Planning in the region, hosts artistic and creative residencies and organizes two urban labs in the city of Kiel.

The project company Kiel-Gaarden GmbH has long-term experience in initiating and developing projects in Kiel’s neighborhoods located on the Eastern side of the fjord as well as in planning and organizing participation processes. Within the UrbCulturalPlanning project, the project company is going to implement the demonstrator project as well as the gaming demonstrator in the neighborhood of Gaarden East.